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BIOFILAM is a concentrated kelp extract used for heavy metal detoxification and immune-support with anti-viral and anti-cancer properties. It balances your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, aids weight loss by improving thyroid, metabolism and GI-tract function and boosts your overall well-being

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This site gives you access to what I have carefully determined are effective and entirely natural (nature derived) solutions for optimum health.

I have been practicing and conducting research as a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor since the early 1990’s. In the late 1990’s I was the co-developer of specialised hormone and detoxification related health programs for seven years which, as an early pioneer in e-commerce and online marketing, were distributed worldwide. During those years Inspired Nutritionals developed and manufactured over 16 highly effective natural health products, from conception through to consumption. Currently our main focus is providing a concentrated kelp extract with multiple beneficial properties called Biofilam. If you are interested in making money recommending Biofilam to your site visitors and clients, check out our affiliate program.

Jonathan Evatt

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BIOFILAM is made using patented cold-process vacuum drying technology that produces a concentrated kelp extract, in powder form.

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Paying respect to the ocean that sustains you

Our concentrated kelp extract, BIOFILAM, is harvested from the ocean outside of the Kuril Island, a chain of islands between Russia and Japan. Every batch (it’s harvested just once a year) is tested for purity, to ensure it’s free from heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, and any other common food contaminants.

At Inspired Nutritionals we practise the ancient art of Sacred Reciprocity. This is the practise of giving back to the source that sustain us. We encourage you as a user or reseller of BIOFILAM to honour the ocean where the kelp is harvested. This can be done simply by sending your sincere and heart-felt graditude and loving energy to the ocean waters around of the Kuril Islands, and to the ocean in general (especially when you’re at the beach). For more information on the practise of sacred reciprocity feel free to contact us.